Q 1: How many proposals can create/ send through my account?

A: Number of proposals you can create, send or track is decided by your current plan. Please refer to pricing page for more information.

Q 2: What is an ACTIVE proposal?

A: Proposal which is either in Draft, Sent or Viewed state is ACTIVE proposal. 

Q 3: What is not an ACTIVE proposal?

A: Proposal which is either in Accepted (Won), Rejected (Lost) state is not ACTIVE proposal. 

Q 4: How many team members can I add to my account?

A: Number of users are limited by your plan.

Q 5: Can I download my proposal as PDF?

A: Yes, of course. Jump to proposal details page and you will see a button to download your proposal as PDF. It looks exactly as you see in your proposal editor/ preview page.

Q 6: I would like to send the proposal link through my email client. Can I do that?

A: Yes, sure. Jump to proposal details page. Hover mouse over your client's name, it will show a link icon. Click on the link, it will popup a box with a facility to copy the contact specific link. Copy the link and paste it in your own email client and you are ready to send.

Q 7: I just sent a proposal but realized I missed adding content to it. Can I change it?

A: Yes, you can change it. There are two possibilities. 

One: Any of your client contacts has not viewed your proposal. You can make changes. And since client has not viewed yet, when s/he will open it, the proposal will be viewed like a new one.

Two: Any of your client-contacts has viewed your proposal, it gets locked for editing. You can still unlock it by clicking on Edit icon, make changes and save it. Client will be able to see the latest updated timestamp for the proposal and unlock activity will also show up in the signature certificate in the downloaded PDF

In either case, if you save changes to the same proposal, those changes (including deleted section) will be active/ go live for the client contact.

Q 8: Can I send the same proposal to multiple contacts of my client?

A: Yes, absolutely. You just need to select multiple contacts when you create a proposal (proposal wizard > client) , you can also add more contact in editor too (Advance > Clients > Edit). Select as many client-contacts as you want and you are good to send them all at once.

Q 9: Great. Will same proposal sent to multiple contact will show analytics/ insights?

A: We got you covered on this too. Analytics is tracked uniquely for each person whom proposal link email is sent. Remember, proposal link is unique for each contact. 

Q 10: But I can not see analytics for each contact of my prospect. How does it work?

A: When you are looking at proposal analytics it shows aggregate insights for all contact put together. However you will notice a dropdown just above proposal thumbnail. By default it has All users selected. You can change it to show individual contacts and you will be able to see separate analytics for each client-contact.

Q 11: Can I copy-paste from MS Word or PPT for Google Docs?

A: Yes, but you need to make sure before pasting it into TExt editor in Fresh Proposals, you have removed its style by copy pasting it to Notepad and then copying content from Notepad you can paste it into textbox.

Q 12: Can I duplicate my existing proposal?

A: Yes, move over to the proposal summary page and you will find a button to copy/duplicate your proposal. It will make a copy of your current proposal and will give you option to select a client. Here is more information about it.

Q 13: I have whitelisted my email domain but still seeing error when I send proposals

A: If your email domain is whitelisted, please make sure you are not using email ids created using Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/Outlook, etc for your account login. If email domain is whitelisted and verified successfully, Fresh Proposals tool will check if the email id of the logged-in user is same as whitelisted email domain. If it does not match, it will not allow you to send proposal. We have seen some users set up Fresh Proposals account using Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc public email services; obviously these can not be whitelisted. If your email domain (example.com) is whitelisted & verified successfully, and if you use email id from the same whitelisted domain to sign-in (e.g. john@example.com), Fresh Proposals tool be able to send proposals on your behalf. 

Q 14: Can upload my existing PDF and include it in the proposal?

A: Yes, you can import your existing PDF file and save it as a section in section library. You can add this section to your current proposals/ templates. Here is more information about it.

Q 15: What is the difference between Due date and Valid Till date?

A: Valid till date: Typically any business proposal has certain validity after it is presented to client. It can be 15 days, 30 days or 90 days, depending on your business. After this period, terms of the proposal, pricing are typically subject to change. In case of Fresh Proposals, client can not access the the proposal if the valid till date has passed. 

Due Date: This is more of an internal field (not disclosed to client). Typically it is used for high value projects, processed driven proposal e.g. RFP, wherein the proposal is to be submitted by certain date to the client. Due date is when the proposal should be ready, sent to the client. Due date is also used for numbers displayed in the dashboard (proposal value in one year, last year, etc).

Q 16: I have sent proposals to my client but client says s/he is unable to access it, why?

A: How you set proposal dates and status determines whether your client can access/view your proposals.


Proposal Status:  Proposals in the draft status can not be accessed or viewed by client. It also includes proposals unlocked for changes. In either case, you will need to send the proposal or mark its status as send in order for your clients to view it.

Valid Till Date: If you have set Valid Till date for your proposal and if it has passed: essentially proposal validity has expired; your clients will not be able to access/ view the proposal. You will need to take a call whether to update proposal Valid till date or not. If you set valid till date in the future, client will be able to access the proposal.

Need Further Help?

  1. You can contact us using the chatbox in the application. 
  2. You can create support ticket using option available in the help bar on right side
  3. You can also send us email support [at] freshproposals dot com