How to connect and use HubSpot software with Fresh Proposals to import contacts and manage deals

You can connect your HubSpot account with Fresh Proposal to search & import contacts to Fresh Proposals or save new contacts to HubSpot when proposal is sent for a new client added directly to Fresh Proposals. This integration also creates a deal for a given client in HubSpot and as proposal is accepted, the deal status is updated as "Closed Won"

Note: This integration is not available for Starter (I Got Wings) / Professional plan (We can Fly).

Connect HubSpot with Fresh Proposals

Click on HubSpot icon to set up the integration, you will be prompted to connect your HubSpot account with Fresh Proposals as shown below

You may have one or more HubSpot accounts, you can choose which account to connect with Fresh Proposals.

Next you will need to provide necessary access so that contacts, deals information be shared and updated between these two applications. 

Once connection is successful, you can start using the integration. 

Search, Import, Add Contacts from HubSpot

You can find client-companies in HubSpot right in the search box with Fresh Proposals. Once company is selected, you will be able to enlist its contacts and import those to Fresh Proposals. 

Deal Creation, Contact Addition in HubSpot

Deal Creation Based on Proposal Sent

Once a proposal is sent to client using Fresh Proposals, a deal will be automatically created in HubSpot. This deal will be associated with the client-company and the contact used.

Deal Update: Won/Lost

As clients sign the proposal, the deal status is updated as Closed Own in HubSpot.

If the client company and contacts are not present in HubSpot, those will be added to HubSpot with this integration.