How to connect and use Xero software with Fresh Proposals to generate invoice

You can connect your accounting organization in Xero with Fresh Proposal to import contacts to Fresh Proposals or save new contacts to Xero, generate invoice, download invoice and open to edit the invoice.

Note: Xero integration is NOT available for Starter / Professional (We Can Fly) plan.

Connect Xero with Fresh Proposals

Click on Xero icon to set up the integration.

In the next step, provide necessary access so that contact, invoices, taxes can be shared between these two applications.

Once connection is successful, you can start using the integration. 

Import/ Adding Contacts from Xero

You can get contacts from a connected organization from Xero to Fresh Proposals. Once selected and imported, you can send proposals to these contacts in Fresh Proposals.

Generating Invoice

Once a proposal is accepted, you can navigate Proposal Summary > Proposal Details > More Options as shown below.

There are certain cases wherein you will not be able to Only if the proposal is 'Signed', in the Xero tab, you will see a link to Generate Invoice as shown above.

Click on Generate Invoice button and it will show you this popup

You can specify how much of the proposal value is to be invoiced (the percentage) also enter other details and click Ok

List of Invoice: Download, View/Edit

You will see Invoice generated and listed below. You can click to download the invoice and click to open it in Xero to edit/ approve it.

Open Invoice in Xero to Edit, Approve

Here is the video to help you with Xero + Fresh Proposals integration