How to connect and use Trello to create cards corresponding to proposals accepted by clients using Fresh Proposals.

Note: Currently this integration is available to Professional / WE CAN FLY plan.

You can find the Trello integration option in settings

Now you can automate project management based on proposal acceptance/signing using Trello. Presenting Fresh Proposals integration with Trello.

You can connect your Trello account with Fresh Proposals

Fresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration - Connect

Enable Access Permission

While connecting your Trello account with Fresh Proposals, you can review the permission required for the integration to work

Fresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration- Access Permissions

Select Board, List and Enable Card Creation

Once connected, you can select which board and list to be used to add new card toFresh Proposals Software+ Trello Integration - Connect Board, Select List

Sample Card Created in a Trello Board

As the proposal status changes to Signed or Accepted, new card is added to desired board + list.

Fresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration- Board With New Card

Card Details as seen in the Trello Board

Newly added card has description about client and its email id who have accepted /signed the proposalFresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration- New Card Opened