How to connect and use Pabbly integrator software to connect other applications with Fresh Proposals.

Note: Currently this integration is available to Professional / WE CAN FLY plan.

You can Integrate other applications with Fresh Proposals using Pabbly too.

You can find the Pabbly integration option in settings

Copy API Key from Fresh Proposal and use it while connecting Fresh Proposals in Pabbly interface.

Pabbly Integration Key in Fresh Proposals

Pabbly is integrator/automation platform which allows you to connect two different applications and automate your business flow. We are already supporting Zapier integration. It seems that businesses are finding-using alternative to Zapier as we received quite a few requests to integrate with Pabbly.

Once you register with Pabbly, you can find Fresh Proposals application in the list to integrate.

In the next step, you can select the trigger event for which you would like to automate the business activity

You will need to connect to your Fresh Proposals account in Pabbly. 

You will need integration Key for your Fresh Proposals account which can be generated/ found n 

Settings > Integration > Pabbly. 

Refer to screenshot above - how to copy the integration key in Fresh Proposals.

Similarly, you can connect the other application and map data from Fresh Proposals event trigger