View Proposal Summary

To check proposal summary (actually, it has detailed information if one wants to explore)

  • Locate desired proposal 
  • Click on Proposal Summary Button as shown below

You can check proposal information in three tabs

  • Proposal Details
  • Proposal Activities
  • Proposal Analytics

Proposal Details

Check who sent the proposal, to whom, what are the timelines, its validity due, due date, proposal value, etc. 

Get Proposal Link

Navigate: Proposal Listing > Proposal Card > Proposal Summary > Proposal Details 

If you want to send proposal using your own email service instead of Fresh Proposals, in proposal details page, hover mouse over client's name as shown below.

Click on the link icon as shown above. It will show a pop up with the proposal link and option to copy it.

Proposals in draft state will not be accessible to client 

We noticed a few instances clients requested changes and proposer starts updating the proposal and since clients can view the proposal, it would lock the proposal for further changes. And it also prevents clients from accessing the proposal if it is being edited/ updated.  In short, clients can not access proposals will not be accessible to the client when it is in the draft state. 

NOTE: If you are manually sending proposal links to your client (using your own emails, outside Fresh Proposals software), kindly update the proposal status to 'Sent' in the Proposal Summary page.

View Proposal Status

Navigate: Proposals page  > Proposals listing

You can scan list of proposals based on the status. For a proposal card, you will see a proposal status icon to the right bottom of the card as shown below.

Also on the proposal details page, you can view proposal status as shown below.

Navigate: Proposals page > Proposal Card > Proposal Summary 

You can find more details regarding proposal status here.

Update Proposal Status

You can view / update proposal status as shown below.

Download Proposal PDF

If you want to download copy of your proposal, you can export it and save as PDF file. Click on the download button as shown below.

Copy/ Duplicate a Proposal

You can make a duplicate copy of an existing proposal. This will keep everything else same, except you can send it to new client/ prospect.

More Options

You can check, view, update more options available for current proposal using the tab shown below.

There are certain options you may want to change after proposal is sent/viewed by the client. Typically any change in the proposal content is restricted and you would need to unlock the proposal before you edit "content" of the proposal. But there are options like whether to show/hide Accept button, show/hide Download button, etc which is unrelated to the proposal content. To view/set these options, you can use More Options button in proposal summary > Proposal Details page.


You can check, view, update integrations for current proposal using the option shown below.

Proposal Activities

Know when client viewed it, commented, etc. It is like audit log for your proposal.

Proposal Analytics

Here you can find analytical information about how client/prospect has interacted/engaged with your proposal. You will notice bar chart displaying top viewed sections along with number of visits per sections and duration for which client viewed a given proposal section.

You can navigate to preview the proposal, switch to proposal editor, emailer, download pdf, duplicate the proposal, etc.

Check more information about proposal analytics here.