You can create a new proposal in the tool in two ways

A. Using existing proposal templates

B. As a blank proposal 

Creating Proposal Using Existing Template

To get proposal using existing template, click on templates menu on left side panel, browser through the list of existing templates and select desired template.

Click on generate proposal button as shown below.

But if you are not sure about which template to choose, you can first explore existing templates and open it for editing/ preview and in top right corner you will find Generate Proposal button.

In the next step, you will need to enter proposal name, select client, due date, validity date, etc.

Creating Blank Proposal

A. To create a blank proposal click on proposals menu on left panel and click New Proposal 

Alternatively, you can click on + sign on right top corner and click on Proposal option as shown below.

To create proposal, It will take you through the same process of entering information as mentioned above.