Q: I have updated a section in my proposal, it has come out really well. How can I use it again in other proposals/ templates?

Welcome to Section Library in Fresh Proposals. That's exactly the purpose of section library- organize content for quick access and effective repurposing. 


Q: What is section library?

Sections Library is your centrally located, go to place for managing proposal content. You can repurpose and re-use sections in content library in different proposals and templates. It gives you opportunity to manage frequently used sections (e.g. About Us, Fees/Investment) and create variation i.e. repurpose them for different set of clients or industries. 

Q: Why I can't see anything in my section library?

Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with your account. It is fairly simple to set up your content library especially sections library. 

There are two ways to manage section library

1. You can create and edit section directly in the section library

2. In a given proposal or template, you can PUSH desired section to section library.

You can delete a section from section library clicking Content Library menu on left side.

Q: What's so great about Section Library?

You can reuse, repurpose your proposal content. If you keep improving and sending proposals more often, this will be life saver (pun intended).

Think of a situation - you have a template and you generated a proposal for your client. While writing/ editing a section in that proposal, you realize it has become a highly convincing one. And you want to use it in your next proposal or use it in the industry or sector specific template. 

You just need to save it to your section library (Push/ Save to LIbrary)

And reuse in your next proposal/ template (Pull / Get from Library).

Remember, if the section present in the proposals and templates have same/common section from library, you can propogate changes from section library to proposal, proposal to section library to template, template to section library and so on.

Q: You mentioned about Content Library. How is it different than Section Library?

Content library allows you to manage following content

1. Sections

2. Images

3. Fees (depending on your plan)

4. Videos

Q: I deleted a section in my proposal. Will it also delete it from Section Library?


If you have PULLed a given section from Section Library to proposal or template, system creates a separate copy for proposal/ template but maintain the link between the section in Section Library and the section in proposal/ template.