Image Library is your centrally located, go to place for managing images you upload to your Fresh Proposals account. You can reuse images in image library in different proposals and templates. It gives you opportunity to manage - upload, delete images.

How to get there?

Click on Content Library left side menu bar and then click on the Images tab on top side on the page

Add Image to Image Library

There are two ways to manage Image Library

1. You can upload image directly in the image library

2. In a given proposal or template, you can upload desired image and it will be added to image library.

Upload image in the Image Library

Upload image to image library using Proposal/ Template Editor

Inside the proposal/template/ section library editor, once you click on the Image icon in toolbar on right side you will see list of images and option to upload new images. 

Once you upload new image here, it will be automatically added to your image library. 

Remember, you can not delete uploaded images (in image library) inside the editor. You can manage (delete/view/upload) using Image Library.

Delete/ View Images in Image Library

To view or delete image from your image library, hover the mouse on the image, you will see option to view/ delete an image. View is basically to see the image bigger than thumbnail size.

To delete multiple images, use checkbox shown above the image thumbnail, you will see Delete Multiple button on the top side.