Sections Library is your centrally located, go to place for managing proposal content. You can reuse sections in content library in different proposals and templates. It gives you opportunity to manage frequently used sections (e.g. About Us, Fees/Investment) and create variation i.e. repurpose them for different set of clients or industries. 

Add Section to Section Library

There are three ways to manage section library

1. You can create and edit section directly in the section library

2. In a given proposal or template, you can save (export) desired section to section library.

3. You can import a PDF file and its content will be added as a section in the library

Create new section within section library

How to import a PDF as a section in the section library?

As you open section library, you will see option to import PDF file as shown below. 

You can name the section and provide the path to a PDF file on your local machine and upload it.

Remember, it processes the uploaded PDF file and converts its pages to images and add those pages sequentially in the section. The duration to convert a PDF file conversion depends on the content and the length of the document. 

Also note, the system has limit on the file size and maximum number of pages that it can process. 

How to save or import a section to/from section library?

Open a proposal or template, click on desired section name in the list of sections (left side panel). By clicking on section name in left side panel will show you its details on right side panel. You will also notice Save to library and Import from library buttons in the same panel. 

Saving section from proposal to section library

To Save to Section Library / Push

Click on Save to Section Library button to save/ export current version of the section to section library.

To Import from Section Library / Pull

Click on Import from Section Library button to get content of same section from section library. This action will replace content in current section with that available in same section in section library. It means, the content you will see before clicking on Pull button will be overwritten and replaced with content from section library.

When you use same template to generate multiple proposals, the sections inherited in a proposal are linked to respective sections in the template. And when you save to library/ import from library, it gives you a way to easily get/save changes across linked proposals and templates.

Logical Flow of Section Content

Here is a logical flow of sections in a template, proposal and section library.

1. Generate a proposal using a template - creates link between sections as shown below

2. When you save a section from template to Section Library

3. When you save the same but updated section from proposal to section library, it updates its content in section library (overriding the previous ones)

4. To get the latest content of section A (i.e. A1) to template, you can import form Section Library as shown below

5. When you add a new section in proposal and want to save it in the library so that it can be used in other proposals or templates 

How to make section library work for you?

Say you have a Pricing section in a particular proposal and you want to use it again and again. You need to push it to section library.

Now you want to use the same section in a template so that the whole template can be reused. You simply have to Add /import Pricing section from content library as shown below.

Once a section is added from content library, you can still go ahead and keep making changes to (say Pricing) section and if you think that this is the best version that needs to be reused at other places, you can save/export (pricing or any other section) section in a template (or proposal) to Section Library again. Pushing a section to section library will have content from respective proposal or template from where it is pushed recently.

You can also find more details about Save to Library and Import from Library here.

Delete Section from Section Library

You can delete a section from section library clicking Content Library menu on left side.