Fees Library is your centrally located, go to place for managing Fees you add/upload to your Fresh Proposals account. You can reuse Fees item in Fees Library in different proposals and templates. It gives you opportunity to manage - add, delete Fees items.

How to get there?

Click on Content Library left side menu bar and then click on the Fee tab on top side on the page

View fees in the Fees Library

You can view current list of fees available/saved in the Fees Library. You can check

  • Title
  • Description
  • Type of fees
    • Unit-Quantity
    • Hourly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • Fixed
  • Price
  • Quantity

If your fees items in the list have grown, no problem; we have search Fee feature to quickly find it for you.

Add Fee to Fees Library

There are two ways to manage Fees Library

1. You can add/create Fee items directly in the Fees library

2. In a given proposal or template, you can add fees table and fees added to the table can be saved/exported to Fees library.

Add Fees in the Fees Library

Update/ delete fees in the Fees Library

You can update or delete fees from current list of fees in the Fees Library. 

How to use Fees or Pricing Library in Proposal/ Template

Open your proposal/ template in the editor. Add a new Fees Table (refer this guide), if you want to update existing fees table (also referred as pricing table by some customers), click on the table.

You will see the Fees table properties on the right side panel.

Click on any row of the pricing table and it will show options on its right side as shown below. 

To import Fee item from Fees Library, hover your mouse as shown below.

It will start showing you list of Fees items available in Fees Library (in the right side panel), as shown below.

Click through the checkbox for the fees item you want to add to your current pricing table and click on Add button seen on the same panel.

Save Fees to Fees Library

You can click on the desired fee row that you want to save to Fees/ Pricing Library.  You will see vertical menu options on the just right side of the fees table as Export Fee . Clicking on this button will save current fee item to Fees Library.