Fees/ Pricing Table

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This pages explains how to manage quote/fees being proposed to your client(s). 

You can have 

1. Types of fees such as Fixed, Recurring

2. Discount

3. Taxes

4. Sub-total according to recurring and other types of fees

5. Make given service/product fee as optional for client, client-editable quantities

6. Styling/ changing look-n-feel of a fees table

We use the term fees or pricing table interchangeably.

Add Pricing/ Fees Table

Add Fee Row

You can add multiple rows in the fees table. Simply double click on any of the existing fee row and it will prompt a small vertical menu bar adjacent to fees table and click on '+' button to add new row

In the same vertical menu bar, you will notice options to delete fees, also to add a given fees to Fees Library, import new row from Fees Library, add discount to the row

Change Fees Type 

You can select from different types of fees options available as shown below

Providing options for your client: Check/uncheck Option Item, Change Quantity

You can create a fees item such that it will be shown as option for your prospect/client to select (check-uncheck). For unit-Quantity, Hourly, Monthly and Annually types of fees you can also specify whether client can change quantity or not.

Add Taxes, Discount to Fees Table

You can add taxes and discounts to the fees table. Click on the fees table, you will view Fees table properties on right side panel.

You can 

  • Name the tax
  • Specify whether it is % or fixed (like $100)
  • Specify the quantum of the tax being applied

Note: At a table level you can add two taxes and they will be applied on the post-discounted amount.

Similarly you can add discount at a table level

  • Name the discount
  • Specify whether it is % or fixed (like $100)
  • Specify the quantum of the discount being offered

Fees Total Option

You can set various options for fees table as shown in the screenshot below.


Based on the options selected, various aspects of fees table can be customized as shown below (e.g. separating recurring and fixed fees)

Use Fees Item From Fees Library

You can reuse fees items from Fees Library, so that you don't have to keep creating new ones every time. You can save current fees item to Fees Library also. Refer this guide for more details.

Set Fees Table Options

You can set fees table option and say whether you want to include the current table in PROPOSAL TOTAL, whether to include sub-total, discount, separate recurring total, etc..

Set Styling, Border to Fees Table

You can design the look and feel of how fees table will be seen. You can set separate color, font, border for header, fee items and footer (total).

You can set style even at every row if you would like.

Change / Customize Column Heading of a Fees Table

You can set the labels which appear in the heading of fees table by clicking on it and typing desired column names e.g. as shown below, the first column header is changed to 'My OWN Title'


Change the Width of a Fees Table

In certain cases, you may want to change the width of the fees table in your proposal/template. With the option to increase/decrease width of the fees table along with option to choose fees type and show/hide sub-total column you will be able to present fees table in a different form.

As you will click on the Fees table header/footer, you will see Table Properties in the right side panel, click on the the Table Style Tab on the right and then Header Option. You will see Width field as highlighted below. Use up-down arrow to change the size of the table.

Resize Width of a Fees Table in Fresh Proposals Software

Remember, it will not scale up/down the text size inside it. You will still have to check whether all the information is properly visible after resizing the table width.

Reorder Fee Row in the Fees Table

You can change the order of the fee rows added in your fees table. As you will click on any of the fee rows, you will see up/down arrow on the left side of the fee row. You can click on it to move it one step below or one step up.

Proposal Software : Fees Table- Reorder Fee Row

Language Translation Options

If you have set a client-interface language other than English for client view, the fees table columns headers, and other non-editable labels will get translated into the language selected by you. This translated labels will be available in 'Preview' for you and in Client view when client views the document using the unique URL/link shared with them.


Also note, you can overwrite the column heading in the editor more. Once you change/update column heading,  those specific column names will not be translated.

Also, the fees details entered in a row like fee title, its description are user entered data, these will not be translated by the tool.

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