Every page of your section/ proposal or template will have one or more blocks of text, image, shape, fee table, content table or signature.

Following blocks are available for proposer creator to add to the page.

This is where you will be able to find those blocks/ components in editor.

Adding Textbox

Following video will quickly show you how to add text block to your section/proposal or template and update its properties, change paragraph style and more.

Adding Textflow Section

When you have a text content that is going to run into more than one page, you can add a textflow section to your proposal/template. You can either copy-paste content to it or you can keep typing text to it.


Textflow section: 

It allows you to keep editing text content and it will automatically flow to the next page.

It looks like this

As you will add the Textflow section, it already has a textbox added to it. While you can add other content blocks from the side bar, the default textbox will remain part of the textflow section. You can copy-paste your text or keep typing text content, as you will reach to the bottom of the page, it will automatically create a new page and start adding new content to the next page. Here is the video tour of this feature. 

For textflow section, we have introduced page margin in proposal / template editor > Advanced > Page Settings.

Set Para style, Font-color, Font-size to Selected Text

You can select a given text and you will notice the toolbar at the top gets activated. You can assign paragraph style, bold the text, underline it, change the font size, change color, change alignment, etc.

Text Toolbar

Here are various text formatting options you can have.

Want to change paragraph style  - move to this guide.

Copy-Paste From MS Word, Website, Google Doc or PPT

Starting from scratch or using existing template, you would want to get your own content from your website, Word file or PPT to be included in your proposal/template in Fresh Proposals.

Before you copy-paste,, straight into the proposal/template editor, hold on for a few moments and follow these steps. MS Word, website/Google Doc insert their own tags which may make them 'unformattable' in Fresh Proposals.

1. The right approach in this case is to use plain text editor like notepad. 

2. Copy-paste your content from your Word file / Google doc to the notepad.

3.  Copy-paste content from plain text-editor/ notepad to textbox in Fresh Proposals as showed in this video

Adding Placeholder Variables 

When you do not want to keep copy-pasting common text or avoid errors 

Refer this guide for more information about adding, changing placeholder variables and Custom Variables.

Adding images in the textbox/content table is not supported

Currently we do not support adding images to textbox and content table. The way around this is to add image outside the textbox or content table as a layer and position it at a desired place.