When you want to use your own placeholder/ variables beside default system provided variables in your proposal or template, you can add those here.

Note: This feature is available for FLY (Team) plan and number of fields are limited as per your plan i.e. with WE CAN FLY you can add up to 8 custom variables.

How to Get There

Head to Account Settings > Custom Variables

If there are already custom variables, it will look like this. Custom variables are organized in four groups (more about groups here)

Add Custom Variable

To begin with you will not have any custom variable in your account. Click on Add to add new.

Custom Variable Group

In the next step select the group for new custom variable.

Remember, you can use custom variables across groups in your proposal/ template/ section, just like system provided variables (type # in the editor textbox and it will show list of variables + custom variables available)

These groups represent additional information about 

1. Proposal

2. User

3. Client

4. Client-Contact

Custom Proposal Variable

When you add a custom variable to proposal, it will be associated with proposal and you can edit/update its value only when you update proposal properties.

e.g. you want to add local city contact person/address/phone and it keeps changing from proposal to proposal. So you can add such custom variable and update its value for individual proposal. 

Also note, whether to use custom variable in your proposal is entirely upto you. If you don't type /see variable in you proposal it will not be displayed to your client.


And to use it in the proposal page, scroll down till the end or search by variable name in the search box.

Update Custom Variable

To replace custom variable used in  your proposal, simply double click on it, it will popup a list of variables available. You can click on the desired variable and it will replace existing one.

Update the value of a custom variable

As shown above, to update custom variable for a proposal you need to open proposal details panel on right inside the proposal editor. Go to desired custom variable and click on edit button to update it.

To update custom variable for client - go to clients list, hover mouse over the client name , on the right side you will see Edit Option

Click on it to update custom variable value.

To update custom variable for client-Contact - go to clients list, hover mouse over the contact name , on the right side you will see Edit Option as shown below

You will see custom variables and fields to enter value in it.

Similarly for custom variables for user, given user can open his/her profile (right top circle > My Account), s/he will be able to see/edit value or custom variable on the My Account page.

Edit Custom Variable Name

Clicking edit pen icon (shown below in light blue color), you can edit existing custom variable name. 

Warning: You can edit the name of the custom variable, however it will affect its value entered in existing proposals, templates, all places where it is already used . Renaming a given custom variable will make all of its instances in existing proposals/templates to display empty value.