Add / Update / Delete Placeholder Variable (Yellow Text)

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What's this yellow text (text with yellow background)?

The text with yellow background is a special kind of text. It is called variable or placeholder. Placeholder as the name suggest holds place for common text.

It serves two purposes

1. When you don't want to keep typing same values without typo error

2. Replace all instances of say client name in  your document by changing it at one place only.

Like client-name that may change from one proposal to another, you don't want to have a typo error at one place or forget replacing at few places while sending it to your prospects/clients.

e.g. when you use variable named {ClientCompanyName}, as the name suggest, you can place it wherever you wish (as many times as you wish) in the proposal document and system will pick up its value from the client information of the client selected for a given proposal.

If you want to change client name in all places in your proposal, it saves time to change it at one place (i.e. client info page) and system will show its new value at all places wherever it is used.

[Remember - value of variables are displayed in preview/ client view mode.]

There are two aspects of using placeholder variable.

1. Adding/ Changing/ Deleting Placeholder (variable)

2. Entering/ updating value of the variable

Let's look at the first aspect to start with. 

Add Placeholder Variable

Let's add a new placeholder variable.

It is simple. Just type hash (#), it will show you a pop-up with list of variables to add. Scroll through the list and click on the one you want to add and you are good.

There is another way to add it a variable.

Look for a tab called Variable on right side panel. It also list same set of placeholder variables for you ( you can search it too). Click on the desired one and you will see it added to your active text block

Edit/ Replace Existing Placeholder/ Variable

To edit existing variable, simply double click on it and again you will see a list of variables to choose from. Click on the desired one and your variable will get replaced.

Delete Existing Placeholder Variable

To delete it, like normal text, select it and hit delete button.

Types of Placeholder / Variable

There are three types of variables

1. My/ Sender Info Variables

2. Client Variables

3. Proposal Variable

My/ Sender Info Variables

Typically these are sender related variables such as

My Company Name

My First Name (logged in user's First Name will be shown)

My Last Name (logged in user's Last Name will be shown)

My Email (logged in user's email  will be shown)

My Phone

My Title

My Company Address, etc You can see the list when you type hash (#) in the editor

Client/ Receiver Info Variables

Typically these are sender related variables such as

Client Company Name

Client Company City

Client Company State

Client Company Country

Client First Name

Client Last Name

Client Email

Client Address 1

Client Address 2

Client Address ZIP

Client Office Number

Client Mobile Number

Proposal Info Variables

Typically these are proposal related variables such as

Proposal Name

Proposal Number

Proposal Due Date

Proposal Submitted Date (available only when proposal email is sent)

Proposal Page Number

Proposal Created By

Proposal Submitted By

Proposal Submitted By FirstName

Proposal Submitted By LastName

When you want sender's name, email to go out in the proposal you should use Proposal Submitted variable rather than My First Name, My Last Name  

Entering / Editing Placeholder Variable Value

Proposal variables are logically grouped as

1. My Info

2. Client Info

3. Proposal Info

My Info again has two parts

1. Individual Sender's details : to view/ update your details check this help page

2. Sender company details: to view/ update your company information check this help page

examples shown below.

My profile

My company details

To view and change client info

Select desired client and click on edit pen as shown below.

Proposal specific variable Information

This is populated based on the proposal instance - e.g. proposal name, when it is sent, page number you are looking at, due date,  etc.

Custom Variable

If you have added proposal variables, you will need to enter their vales at their specific places e.g. client custom variable info can be viewed/updated at client edit page, proposal related custom variables can be viewed / updated on proposal details page.

Here is more information about Custom Variable.

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