Send a proposal to your client using email wizard.

Use Email Wizard to email proposal to your client or remind him/her about proposal sent or thank you when s/he accepts your proposal. 

You can open emailer from

1. Proposal Summary

2. Proposal editor

1. Open Proposal Summary and navigate to Email Wizard

In the proposal listing page, over mouse over the desired proposal

Click on Go To Emailer button on the top right corner

2. Open proposal and navigate to Email Wizard

Now that you are in the Proposal Emailer page

Select/ Apply Desired Email Template

There are three types of emails 

1. Initiating

2. Reminding and 

3. Thanking

You can send initiating email right away. Reminding email & Thanking get triggered based on the event.

e.g For Reminding email to work, you will need to tick through the checkbox and select desired email template int he dropdown/ make default for current proposal.

In order to create new email template to use, head over to email templates guide.

Preview Email Before Sending

Important Note: Certain email tools (e.g. Outlook 2007, 2013, 2016, Apple Mail older versions, Thunderbird) have issues with HTML in the email. Certain email clients may not render buttons, images, HTML code properly. We recommend adding a plain link to the proposal in your email beside this button. Please refer this guide about how to copy the client-contact specific proposal link.