You can design proposal style using three aspects.

1. Set text paragraphs style 
2. Set table style 

3. Set page size, orientation

Before you can jump on the paragraph style settings, let's look at how to text paragraph style and other option

Set Para style, Font-color, Font-size to Selected Text

You can select a given text and you will notice the toolbar at the top gets activated. You can assign paragraph style, bold the text, underline it, change the font size, change color, change alignment, etc.

Text Toolbar

Here are various text formatting options you can have.

Set Text Design Style

  • Open desired proposal/ template in editing mode
  • Click on Design/Setting menu on right side vertical menu bar
  • It will open Design-mode where content can not be edited
  • By default Text-Style tab will open

This is where you can decide how your Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Body, etc should look like. 

As and when you select paragraph style (H1, H2, etc), system will highlight only corresponding text (if H1, selected all text with Heading 1 will be highlighted) and grey-out other styles (in above cases, H2, H3, H4, body, etc).

Set Table Design-Style

Similarly you can also design table styles

Set Page-Design Setting

You can also set page design style - whether to have proposal orientation in a landscape mode or portrait mode, page size, margins, etc. It will be applied to all pages in the current proposal/template (excluding imported ones which have different page settings)

  • Page Orientation
    • Landscape or Portrait
  • Page Size
    • A 4
    • Legal
    • Letter
  • Page Design
    • Background color
    • Shadow
    • Corner
    • Border

Page Design Settings

When you set these design elements, it will look like this (of course, you have all parameter to change and customze pages as you would like to; and then it will look like this. You can observe the page background color, shadow, corner.