There are multiple ways one can place, positioning Text, Shape, Image, signature, tables.

Add Content Block to Desired Place on a Page

You want to add a content block like textbox, image, shape, signature, tables, etc to proposal/template/section page. You can (single) click on the toolbar controls on right side as shown below; but it will get added to a default location. 

If you want to place the content block to a desired place, you can Click on the icon - Hold it - drag to desired place on a page - drop it.

Position Content Blocks Relative to Each Other

You can place texbox overlaying (on top) an image or shape. You simply need to right click on it and you will see options as shown below.

You will see menu option as Position. You can bring it the front, bring it a step forward, send it a step backward, or send it at the back. 

Position Content Blocks Relative to Each Other (horizontally, vertically)

The other way to position content block on a page, is using grid. Though this is not hugely effective, we plan to introduce snap-to-grid, alignment assist feature going forward.