You can add and upload images of your choice. Currently system supports upload image of PNG, JPG, JPEG and SVG formats.

Let's see how to upload image from your local drive, add border, corner and change other properties

Editing Existing Image/ Changing its Properties

When you single click on the image, it will highlight its properties in the right side panel. This is how it will look. You can try changing those.

Unsplash Library

Now you can use Unsplash images directly into your proposals and templates. You don't even need an account with Unsplash to use this feature.

Using images from Unsplash is exactly similar to the one you upload to Fresh Proposals. This is even better, you can search images from millions of images in their database and so far it is without any limitation of commercial licensing.

See how it looks.

To Replace Existing Image

Let's say you liked one of the templates in Fresh Proposals but you want to change the image in it. 

Instead of deleting existing image and uploading/adding new one. Fresh Proposals has made it easier for you to replace existing image.

There are two ways to do it.

1. Click on Image Library, click on the image on proposal page to be replaced, click on the thumbnail of new image

2. Right click on 

Here is how it works

To Display Transparent PNG Image

You've uploaded a PNG file and added it to proposal/ template page, it is showing white background, not transparent. This transparency issue can be easily fixed.

Click on the image in the proposal/template page, it will open properties panel on the right side. Look for a small color picker box, click on it and you will see a second slider to change color transparency, make it ZERO and your images will become transaprent.

Here is the image showing where/how to change it

Remember: Currently we do not support adding images to text area e.g. textbox or content table. You can add image/shapes outside the text area as a layer and place it at a desired location..