Track Proposals by Status

You can check proposal status as you filter proposals by proposal status (like shown below)

Once you open proposal summary (how to view proposal summary), you will be able to see proposal status presented in the timeline view as shown below

Update Proposal Status

Once a proposal is sent to client, the proposal status is updated as Sent. If you send the proposal link outside Fresh Proposals application (i.e. directly emailing to client), you can manually update the proposal status as SENT, clicking on the edit icon, as shown below.

If client accepts the proposal outside Fresh Proposal software (say over email or message or over a phone call, etc) and you want to update the proposal status, you can do so here.

Any of the client contacts views the proposal, the status is updated as client viewed

Let's say you want to send a proposal to your client. This client has multiple people who are going to be decision makers. So one-client with multiple contacts. You can send a given proposal to all such decision makers. These  decision makers, can be identified in two categories

1. Signee (signatories)

2. Ones who are simply going to accept it without e-Signing it

For a given client, its Signatory is identified when you assign a signature box tho this contact (see how to assign eSign). Other contacts who are selected for a given proposal are considered non-signatory approvers.

For a proposal, you can have any combination of Signatory and non-signatory: i.e. all signatories, all non-signatories and one or more signatories with others as non-signatories. And as they accept or sign the proposal, you will see the proposal status getting updated accordingly either as partially signed

or as partially accepted. 

Any of the client contact rejects your proposal, it will be considered as rejected.

Proposal Advance Payment Status

If you are using Stripe payment gateway integration in Fresh Proposals, and if client accepts proposal, pays advance amount using Stripe, the status will also get updated here. 

Even if it fails (client attempts but does not complete payment process), you will see the status updated as shown below.

Client(s) can also see who all have signed/accepted the proposal in the right side panel as shown below.