Do you know how many proposals you have sent this year, last year? 

How many of those got converted?

What is the success ration?

Well, you will find all these answers and more, at a click. Fresh Proposals offers DASHBOARD to track proposals in your account, major activities, acceptance rate, even by proposal categories.


As you login to your Fresh Proposals account, click on Dashboard tab on left side panel.


You will be able to see dashboard with following charts/ panels.


Deals chart shows total number of proposals floating with the split up as

1. Won

2. Lost

3. Live (yet to be reviewed by client/ decision is pending)

You can change the timeline, from current year to last year, previous years etc.


Fresh Proposals let you set a revenue target for a given year. Notice the pen along side of the target. Click on it to set the target.

Remember, this target will show currency as it is set for your account. ( See how to set/change account's default currency)

The number you see under Achieved  is calculated based on the deals accepted by your clients. 

Proposal Acceptance Rate