Note: This feature is not available in WINGS (Solo) or FLY (Professional) plan. Please contact us via support or chat message in the app.

What is a Workspace in Fresh Proposals?

Workspace is like a distinct Fresh Proposals account but residing inside (or managed by) a main account. Workspace or sub-account has its own / separate

  • Dashboard
  • Proposals
  • Templates
  • Sections Library
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Fees Library
  • Account Settings/Configuration 
    • Company Name
    • Custom Domain
    • Email whitelisting
    • Custom Fields
    • Email Templates, etc

All of the data mentioned above is distinct/ separate from other workspaces also from the main account. Currently even users are kept separate per workspace (except main account admin can switch to other workspace and access the workspace).

What can we do with workspaces?

If you are a digital agency and want to extend access to Fresh Proposals software as one of your offering to your existing clients, you can use this feature. Your clients will be able to set up workspace as if their own Fresh Proposals account (as a main account admin, you can oversee it), use it like any regular account. As main account administrator, you can assist your clients who want to use Fresh Proposals software: offer add-on services for proposal design, proposal writing, proposal software training, etc.

Alternatively, if you want to use Fresh Proposals software for your another company, you can make use of workspaces. You can set up distinct custom domain, email whitelisting for these workspaces.

Can a given workspace have its own Custom Domain, Email Whitelisting?

Yes, each workspace can have its own custom domain and email whitelisting. Clients accessing proposals from such workspace will not even realize anything about main workspace or other workspaces if workspaces are configured correctly.

Can proposals or templates in one workspace be shared with other workspaces?

No. Proposals, templates, section library, fees library, images, videos, etc in a given workspace are kept separate from other workspaces. These can not be shared to other accounts/ workspaces.

Here is a video walk-through of the workspace feature in Fresh Proposals