There are two ways to invite users to workspace

While creating the workspace the main account administrator can invite an admin user into a workspace (someone who can manage workspace-account independently) as shown here

Similar option is available for main workspace administrator in Settings > Workspace.

Let's say you are the main account administrator and you have already created a workspace and want to invite users for the workspace.

As an Admin user inside the workspace

It is a simple as logging in to your Fresh Proposals account and move over to Settings > Team Members and click to Add user

As an main account admin (overseeing all workspaces)

Though this is not recommend way, but if you have to invite user in some specific workspace, you can do so, by switching the workspace.

After switching workspace, you will see workspace name in the top-right side menu; move over to Settings > Team Members and click to Add user.

User Roles in Workspace

What kind of roles be assigned to users in a workspace?

The roles available for users to be invited are standard ones like Admin, Editor, Viewer.

Remember, the admin role available inside the workspace has visibility and control inside the workspace, if s/he is part of that only workspace.

Don't See Invited User in the Workspace?

I invited a user but I don't see him/her my workspace, why?

Hmm, most likely you logged in as a main account administrator and without switching to the correct workspace, you invited the user in Account Setting (or you may have switched to different workspace than the desired one).

You can check other workspaces if the invited user shows up in there. If yes, delete it from the account and switch to correct workspace account and then add user(s) in that workspace account.

In a workspace, it gives warning about max user/ proposal limit. What should I do?

Your workspace has reached max limit set for the number of proposals/users. You can request main account administrator to update the workspace limit for proposals/users as shown below.