If your plan allows, you can create workspaces or sub-accounts.

Create Workspaces in your Fresh Proposals account

If you are account admin there are two options to create workspace

1 . You can click on the Workspace icon at the top

2. Settings > Workspace > Add Workspace

The options you see while creating /adding workspaces are

1. Copy Email Templates

2. Copy Custom Variables

3. Text Settings

allow you to copy part of the configuration from host/main account to its workspaces. e.g. you have already created email templates or custom variables and set up font-setting according to your company branding, these can be copied to the next workspace you can create.

Change Workspace Name/ Set Workspace Limit

Once you have added a workspace in main account Setting, you will see it listed. You can click on the edit icon to change workspace name and or set max limit for its users and proposals. It will look as this