The terms we use and keep referring in Fresh Proposals

Client: Client Company

Contact : Contact in a client company

There are multiple ways to add, update and manage clients and contacts.

Top Level Menu

This is pretty straight forward, you can add 

Add Client

Update Client company details

You will see the edit option, next to the client company name as shown below

Update Client Contact details

You will see the edit option, next to the client contact name as shown below

Proposal Creation Wizard

You can add/ update client, contact while creating a proposal

You will also notice edit icons in above screenshot which allow you to edit client company details as well as client contact details.

In the Proposal Editor

You can change client company, contact while you are editing a proposal.

Since this is not very often you would need to change client for a proposal, it is available in the Advance menu as shown below

You will see vertical menu bar, click on the Client option

 Here you will see existing client, contact(s) information as shown below, you can change client, contact (under certain circumstances)

Remember: You can change client for a given proposal until it is sent. Once a proposal is sent, client can not be changed.

Import Clients, Contacts

You can import clients and contacts 

1. Using CSV file upload

2. CRM Integration (depending on your plan)

CSV File Import

Use sample CSV file to fill in the data in required format.