Template is reusable proposal (without any client associated with it).

How to get there?

Left menu > Templates

Template Listing

You will notice tabs at the top of the template listing

  • System: Standard templates provided by Fresh Proposals will be listed here. We will keep those updating from time to time
  • Favorite: Templates that you wish you use quickly, marked as favourite will be listed here
  • Customized: Templates that are created from scratch or edited from system template will be listed here.
  • Library: Combined listing of system + customized

Note: If you have edited a template from system template, you may see those repeating in Library

These templates are also grouped based on categories as shown above. Click on the category in the dropdown and you will be shown only templates in a selected category

Note: You can add your own category here.

Mark a template as favorite

Do you prefer to use a given template often? You can mark that template as Favorite and you can find it under Favorite tab (easily accessible). To mark a template as favorite, you can click on the star as shown below.

Delete, Rename, Save a Copy of Template

You can delete a template, rename it and save a copy of it as you click on the three dots shown below.

Remember, you can delete templates you have customized, created from scratch. You won't be able to delete system provided/ default templates.